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Unique Vision Studio accepts ambitious challenges, any inventory won’t give you a full image of studio’s rage of activity.

Film, Animation, Commercial
Unique Vision Studio - Rafal Barnas realizes movies and animations. Rafal Barnas is a coauthor of a few dozen of short subject, several of them were awarded on movies festivals. Studio is planning a dynamic development in his area. The element of out capability presents the section Film Animation Commercial

Unique architectural’ s visualization
Unique Vision Studio presents a new quality in the area of architectural’ s visualization compiled technique entirely differs from rendering’s standards. The purpose of the studio is competent presentations of the idea, character, philosophy of the project and giving it a proper form. We place our works in appropriate climate, we try to add impressiveness and arouse expecting feelings. You will find some of our work here

Unique Vision Studio perfectly copes with making visualizations and graphic compiling at the competition and conceptual stage. The additional trump is the ability to work with omitting 3d model, on the basis of dummy, fragmentary information, situation, incomplete 2d projection or draft. To throw light on his subject we invite to the section Making Of and we recommend to see the materials presented there

Visualizations - over painting / digital painting
Unique Vision Studio offers the effective graphic processing of already existing material such as visualizations or photographs. We are able to change radically the face of each visualization or any other graphic material. This potential presents the section Making Of.

Concept Art / Ilustration
We do also concept arts , drawings and illustrations . To see some works visit the section Concept Art

Anaglyph pictures
Unique Vision Studio – creative challenges .Technology 3D surely belongs to such challenges . We possess specialist equipment. We offer the realization of visualizations, presentations, advertisement and shoots in 3d. Unique technology allows to achieve realistic depth of pictures, gives all resented materials a new quality. We invite you to the section Anaglyph 3D

Web-Design – Unique websites
We create unique, exceptional and inventive websites. Similarly to other areas we take care of the idea and the quality. Graphic skills, creativity and artistic attitude in combination with talented programmers provide you with the highest quality service.

Multimedia / Graphic Presentations
Unique Vision Studio pepares graphically presentations, graphic materials, brochures. We realized multimedia presentation of Congress Centre for World Architecture Festival in Barcelona. The most recent initiative is work on new architectural magazine

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